Mechanical Engineering Industry

NMF Industries’ flexible manufacturing processes combine our know-how and range of machinery to maximize our flexibility. This makes us a versatile partner and supplier: we can deliver everything from small workpieces to large finished products and turnkey solutions that fit into the mechanical engineering customer’s own manufacturing process.

Supplying a Luminary Customer’s Production

Riegens develops and manufactures a wide range of lamps and lighting solutions, including for urban spaces, schools, manufacturing and offices. NMF manufactures and delivers parts and components for these luminaires. The workpieces come in a wide variety of dimensions, which we manufacture for the customer because this does not fit into the customer’s own production processes.
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NMF Industries is Part of the Entire Supply Chain at Electrolux

The fact that NMF Industries manages the entire production process and assemblage of drums for the company’s industrial laundry machinery is highly valuable to Electrolux, the Swedish manufacturer of domestic appliances and devices. At NMF, we make most of the components in our own manufacturing process and assist the customer in outsourcing and purchasing any parts we do not manufacture ourselves. We perform quality control of these external components and of the overall solution once we have installed the components. After manufacture, purchase, assemblage and finishing work, we deliver the finished product directly to the customer’s warehouse.