Offshore Industry

NMF Industries has been involved in a large share of the many projects involving offshore wind farms that have been erected between Denmark and the UK over the years. NMF offers these comprehensive offshore projects its vast know-how, in-depth knowledge of materials, efficient manufacturing processes and comprehensive quality assurance.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

NMF Industries welded, built and manufactured all of the project’s exterior stairways, which we also helped mature as a structure. NMF assisted the customer in product-maturing the wind-turbine stairways by reducing their weight by 10%. This drastically reduced the volume of aluminium needed and cut costs by 15–20% for the customer.

FEB/Blade-repair Bucket

Repairing wind turbine blades is usually difficult and expensive when defective wind turbine blades have to be taken down and conveyed to shore for repairs. It also results in substantial downtime for individual wind turbines while blades are being repaired. For quite some time, the only alternative was to have a technician rappel down the defective blade and make only the most essential repairs.
An effective solution to this problem is a blade-repair bucket which NMF Industries has assisted in developing and manufacturing. The blade-repair bucket is an aluminium structure that squeezes onto the wind-turbine blade and is suspended from cables. This enables service technicians to walk safely and effortlessly around the blade and repair it on site.
As both a roof and heating can be added to the blade-repair bucket, it is now possible to make far better repairs of wind-turbine blades without having to take them down.
For customers who operate wind turbines, this substantially cuts repair costs and maintains the production of electricity because it substantially reduces turbine downtime.