Strong expertise in many industries

  • Wind turbinesWind turbines

    The wind turbine industry is constantly changing and developing, so the requirements are changing all the time as well. NMF Industries adapts to these requirements specified by our wind turbine customers to match their demands with excellent high-calibre products. In this respect, NMF provides professional advice, technical and sector-related know-how, efficient manufacturing processes and a supply chain that gives our customers precision, quality, efficiency and flexibility.
    NMF’s factory in China and storage facilities all over the world enable us to provide a strong set-up, with uniform high quality throughout the process. Whether a wind turbine customer needs workpieces in Europe, Asia or the US, we deliver the same high quality. At the same time, NMF is a reliable undertaking with the capacity to offer our customers the stocking of the products they need, which further enhances our flexibility.
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  • OffshoreOffshore industry

    NMF Industries has been involved in a large share of the many projects involving offshore wind farms that have been erected between Denmark and the UK over the years. NMF Industries brings to these extensive offshore projects its vast know-how, in-depth knowledge of materials, efficient manufacturing processes and comprehensive quality assurance. Together with our customers we see opportunities in a professional, forward-looking collaborative venture where the lessons learned by both parties are reinvested in successful new offshore projects.
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  • machine builderMechanical engineering

    NMF’s flexible manufacturing processes combine our know-how and range of machinery to maximize our flexibility. This makes us a versatile partner and supplier: we can deliver everything from small workpieces to large finished products and turnkey solutions that fit into the mechanical engineering customer’s own manufacturing process.
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  • ConstructionConstruction industry

    With a vast range of machinery that also includes the biggest 3D laser tube cutter in Scandinavia, NMF Industries has both the machinery and the know-how to provide unique solutions to the construction industry.
    As our customer, the fact that we deliver workpieces and solutions – that have already undergone a number of workflows – directly to your construction site gives you big on-site advantages. These workpieces and solutions are ready for use and assembly when they arrive at the site. The workpieces are pre-manufactured with welding, punching, bending or any other workflows needed to get them ready for assemblage.
    NMF’s machinery is not only vast and versatile. It also ensures flexible manufacturing processes by enabling us to process a wide variety and large volume of metals.
    At the same time, our customers decisively benefit from the fact that our solutions are well-conceived from start to delivery – and integrated into a logistics set-up that is perfectly timed for the individual building project. Delivered on site. As agreed, ready for use and further development.
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  • FaçadesFacades

    NMF Industries, the manufacture of all sorts of cladding is not only a matter of producing high-quality individual cladding sections. Cooperating with both client and architect to implement a facade project also includes flexible manufacturing, up-to-date machinery and providing guidance on the choice of materials, finishes, fittings/suspension, and close dialogue with a number of external suppliers and partners.
    NMF prefers to actively engage in the project by coordinating the logistics – from planning and manufacturing all the way out to carpenters, metalworkers and others at the construction site tasked with fitting the cladding. We have vast experience of setting up and managing this entire supply chain.
    At the same time NMF not only ensures that the aesthetic, visual style is intact in terms of accurately rendered cladding sections. We also analyze, assess and keenly focus on the statics of a project to ensure that our facade can withstand the loads it will be subjected to. We conceptualize everything into a single whole that provides the customer with finely balanced aesthetics, statics and finances.
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