NMF Industries makes unique investment in increased capacity

NMF Industries is now ready to present our brand-new investment – a LVD Easy Form sheet bender. This brand-new sheet bender can bend subjects which are larger than we have been able to bend in the past.

As one of very few in Denmark the new LVD Easy Form will be able to bend subjects which are up to 6.1 meters long. Earlier we have only been able to bend subjects at around 4.5 meters. We will now be able to put different and larger subjects in production, which can be bend in brand-new dimensions and with the newest technology available.
The bending machine has an automatic angle monitoring system which adapts in real-time. This ensures us a very precise and consistent bending of the subjects. The angle measuring system consists of two laser scanners which ensures the desired angle from first bending.
It is now also possible with offline programming of the subjects, which will ensure a better flow and therefore reduce errors in the process. Our new investment can bend subjects in aluminum, stainless steel and black iron.

At the moment we are getting the machine in place and subjects will be in production in the end of April. We are looking very much forward to provide you with bended subjects in brand-new dimensions!

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