Million-kroner investment in new 3D laser technology

One of the biggest laser tube cutting systems in northern Europe is being assembled right now in our new hall at Egestubben 1A, Odense. The system can process even larger dimensions than previously possible, which opens up brand-new possibilities of cutting big aluminium, steel, copper and brass workpieces for the construction industry, etc.

Eight lorries have already been emptied and six are still waiting their turn, and everyone involved in the project has made a fabulous effort, with tight deadlines. In week 12, we will power up the machine, after which technicians from the Italian supplier Adige can finally begin to perform test runs. We are really looking forward to this!

From around 1 May, we will be ready to offer our customers a wide range of new optimisation possibilities and major savings in their own production process, as well as unrivalled quality.
If you would like to know more, please feel welcome to contact plant manager Henrik Bøgh on tel. 22 72 33 66 or e-mail to .