Skovsager Group in Business Fyn

“Group embarks on big venture”. The heading of the Business Fyn article about the Skovsager Group succinctly describes our recent million-kroner investment in QuickTube.
We are looking forward to providing our customers with brand-new possibilities with the biggest 3D laser cutter in Denmark, which transcends previous restrictions on the dimensions of workpieces that could be processed.

Today our machines can handle dimensions of up to Ø255 mm. The new machine can handle dimensions all the way up to Ø355 mm. In addition to a larger diameter and thicker metals, it will also be able to handle materials weighing as much as 137 kg per metre.

All this means we can cut the biggest workpieces for the construction industry here at the factory and then transport them out to the construction site where they are assembled like LEGO bricks. As our customer, you save valuable time on various adaptations of tubes and profiles at the construction site and in the welding booth.

Our new laser cutter is a fibre laser cutting machine, so it is also suitable for cutting copper and brass. With the array of machinery now at our disposal, therefore, the possibilities are virtually infinite. Please feel welcome to contact Henrik Bøgh, our plant manager, to discuss the possibilities for your next project. We expect the new laser cutter to be ready to be put into operation during March.