HEA 240 beams in just three hours with the largest laser tube cutter in northern Europe

Four days’ work is reduced to just three hours when QuickTube cuts HEA 240 bars on its new 3D fibre laser tube cutter, currently the largest of its kind in northern Europe. This has big implications for working with very large dimensions within the construction industry.

“Using the new machine, we can cut aluminium, steel, copper or brass workpieces into Ø355 pieces and carry up to 135 kilos per metre,” factory manager Henrik Bøgh continues, adding: “For our customers in the construction industry and other fields, this means optimisations and major savings in their own production, without either of us having to compromise on quality. Because our new facility lets us combine precision, speed and quality for the customer’s benefit.”
Previously, you had to go all the way to Italy to find comparable capacity. Now developers in northern Europe can have their workpieces cut “locally”, opening up completely new possibilities and enabling them to make savings on their projects.

Cutting out expensive and unnecessary workflows
In a current case at QuickTube, eight HEA 240 beam workpieces were ordered. The conventional workflow would normally involve:
– Measuring and marking each workpiece
– Shortening with a band saw
– Preparing a template for marking holes
– Drilling holes

Before, all these tasks would take six hours per workpiece, for example six-metre-long workpieces.

“With our new laser cutter, we we can do it all in one workflow. And it only takes us 30 minutes. We finished all eight workpieces in the order in about three hours, whereas conventional suppliers would spend about four days on the project. Our efficient production of HEA 240 beams is just one example of how our production equipment gives our customers maximum flexibility and competitive prices. And it doesn’t hurt that our customers can reduce their delivery times, too,” says Henrik Bøgh and concludes: “All this means that we can tell our customers with conviction that laser tube cutting is the future within the construction industry.”

Tube diameter: Ø10 to Ø355
Square tube: 260 x 260 mm
Rectangular tube: 300 x 200 mm

Open profile: L profile: 30 x 30 – 200 x 200 mm
HEB: 140 – 260 mm
IPE: 80 – 300 mm
UPE: 140 x 60 – 300 x 100 mm

Thickness: Up to 20 mm
Materials: Steel, aluminium, copper and brass
Lengths: Tube up to 15 metres
Max. weight: 135 kg per running metre